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VITALMIX™ is an innovative, scientifically advanced, and effective multi-component nutritional supplement. More than a multi-vitamin, it is the ultimate blend of amino acids, vitamins and minerals that work together to provide optimal nutrition, support a healthy immune system and circulatory functions, and inhibit ailments. The formula was developed by and for veterinarians to offer the essential vitamins, minerals and proteins that may be absent in standard dog and cat food, or may be lost in the processing of food. It is no ordinary multi-vitamin as it contains several additional nutritious ingredients, including whey; fish protein and whole eggs to super charge the protein concentration. This product is quickly becoming one of the most popular multi-vitamin products in veterinary clinics. VITALMIX™ contains 21 amino acids, 11 minerals and 14 vitamins. But what makes VITALMIX™more effective than other multi-vitamin supplements on the market, is that it also contains a carefully selected blend of amino-acids. These building blocks for the synthesis of proteins are quickly assimilated to make up the common shortages in commercial pet foods. Because it is important to make it as easy as possible to give this product every day, the tablets have been formulated to be very tasty. Dogs and cats just love them. The taste ingredients used are natural and completely safe. There is no other product on the market that combines the benefits of a standard wide spectrum multi-vitamin/mineral product with a full spectrum of amino acids. VITALMIX™ will not only make dogs and cats healthier, but give them more energy, increase their resistance to common illnesses by boosting their immune system, and provides all the ingredients that normal, healthy dogs and cats need. One bottle will provide enough tablets to supply a mid-size dog for a whole month of delicious and nutritious nutrition. Tablets are scored for easy breakage for smaller dogs and cats. Each dosage contains enough usable energy to keep dogs healthy. And only high quality ingredients are used. VITALMIX™ also contains several anti-oxidants that help fight free radical damage caused by environmental toxins, including Vitamin A, C and E, selenium, zinc, copper, manganese and magnesium, and the amino acids glutamic acid, cysteine, glycine and glutathione. WHY USE VITALMIX? Vitalmix is designed to supplement the basic nutritional needs of pets. It is not simply a multi-vitamin, but contains a complete and scientifically-balanced blend of amino acids, vitamins and minerals that work together to provide optimal nutrition, support a healthy immune system and circulatory functions, and inhibit ailments. Many people think that they give their dog/cat the best food and that this food contains all the vitamins their pet needs. Therefore, they incorrectly reason, they don’t need Vitalmix. In fact,most products contain only a few key vitamins; some of B-complex, C and E, and just a few minerals.


Recommended to be used on newborns and during weaning, stress induced diarrhea, traveling induced diarrhea, intense physical exercise induced diarrhea, after consumption of deworming medication, after the consumption of antibiotics, change in environment, change in diets, vaccinations/ Vet visit/ hospitalization.

Key Benefits:
– Human grade purity ingredients
– Made in USA


Vegetable oils, corn starch, sucrose, silicon dioxide, fermentation products (dried Enterococcus faecium, dried lactobacillus acidophilus, dried lactobacillus rhamnosus, dried lactobacillus casei, dried lactobacillus planatarum), polysorbate 80, sodium silico aluminate, mixed tocopherols.

Store in a cool dry place.

Beneficial Bacteria NLT 15 Billion CFU

Ingredients:  Vegetable oil, Corn starch, Sucrose, Silicon dioxide, Fermentation Products, Polysorbate 80, Sodium silico Aluminate, Mixed Tocopherols

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DIGESTIX® for Dogs and Cats is a blend of the three major groups of enzymes designed to enhance the digestion of high protein / low carb diets. It helps the breakdown of protein, fat and carbohydrate in conjunction with the body’s own enzymes. It contains a wide range of proteases, lipase and amylase from fungal sources designed to be active throughout the gastrointestinal tract. While less expensive supplemental enzymes from animal sources generally do not survive the acidic conditions of the stomach, fungal microbial enzymes are especially resistant to stomach acid. The digestive enzyme supplements used in Digestix® have proven efficacy throughout the GI tract. The enzyme activity of each of the components is determined and reported according to standard Food Chemical Codex procedures recognized by the FDA.

Background Information about Enzymes

Enzymes are specialized proteins that play a key role in mediating and speeding specific biochemical reactions in the body. Digestive enzymes are usually grouped into three distinct classes, depending on the major food groups they help break down: proteases (breakdown of proteins), lipases (breakdown of fats) and carbohydrases (breakdown of carbohydrates). Each enzyme is specific to the action it performs—enzymes do not do general work. Some enzymes are rapidly broken down in the acidic environment of the stomach, while others are active in the small intestines where 90% of nutrients present in the food are absorbed.

Digestive enzymes are essential for the effective breakdown of food into nutrients that can then be assimilated. Enzymatic breakdown is a multi-stage process that starts when food contacts saliva, continues in the stomach and is completed in the small intestine where specialized enzymes further split apart the mass of food and digestive fluids into the molecular structures of the various nutrients so they may be absorbed into the circulatory systems.

Enzymes are produced in various parts along the digestive tract. With increasing age, enzyme production slows down, and digestion becomes less effective. Use of supplemental digestive enzymes therefore makes increasing sense as our companion animals get older. When taken together with food, supplemental digestive enzymes are completely dedicated to the digestive process, while the same enzymes taken on an empty stomach are partially absorbed intact into the bloodstream where they appear to help restore and maintain healthy blood and tissue functions, and can have a beneficial effect on immune and inflammatory processes.

Digestix® Formula

Digestix® is a premium blend of digestive enzymes designed to optimize the digestion of typical canine and feline diets. It is contained in a tasty chewable tablet, making it very easy to offer companion animals. Digestix® is composed of enzymes and the Vitamin B Complex, carefully selected for their specificity and functionality.

Ingredients: Maltodextrin, Calcium Carbonate, Natural flavourings, Stearic Acid, Silicon dioxide

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Immunix incorporates many distinct levels of naturally occurring antioxidants that work in harmony to provide a broad,
sophisticated spectrum of protection against both mirco- and macroscopic damage.

The ingredients work in synergy to allow the body’s cells to overcome oxidation by many more free radicals,
rendering them harmless and inhibiting the heavy toll that environmental stresses and aging will eventually take on any pet.

ARTHRIX® for Dogs and Cats is an exciting combination of proven ingredients which,
when used in combination, are highly beneficial for the long-term maintenance of age-related or hereditary joint problems.
The tablets are chewable and tasty and easy to give to your pet.
KALA HEALTH Immunix Full-Spectrum Antioxidants contains 60 tablets.
A nutritious supplement that protects against free radical damage.
Contains powerful antioxidant inclusive of amino acids, enzymes, grape seed extract, vitamins, minerals, that works together to maximize protection.
Supports immune system and circulatory functions, and inhibits ailments.

Ingredients: Superoxide Dismutase 65mg, Grape Seed Extract 30mg, Co-enzyme Q10 1.25mg, Vitamin C 200mg, Vitamin E 100IU, Vitamin A 250IU

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DERMATRIX® Chewable Tablets are a complete all-in-one skin supplement for dogs and cats.
Each tasty tablet is packed with a balanced blend of omega fatty acids and a carefully selected
combination of natural ingredients which promote a healthy skin and shiny coat for your pet.

The ultimate combination of Omega 3, 6 and 9 essential fatty acids (EFA) from plant and fish sources in a dry-oil formulation, allows each tablet of DERMATRIX® to maintain its efficacy throughout the entire bottle.

Unlike any other skin supplement on the market DERMATRIX®also utilizes the purest for of MSM on the planet called OptiMSM®.

Last but not least each tablet incorporates a powerful blend of natural ingredients that help provide the essentials for optimal skin and fur health, eliminating lackluster coats and non-essential shedding in dogs and cats.

As with all Kala Health products only top shelf raw materials sourced from the USA are used.

Ingredients:  Methylsulfonylmethane 200mg, Proprietary blend of plant oils 350mg, Fish oil 100mg, Vitamin A 1500IU, Vitamin B1 45mcg, Vitamin B1 45mcg, Vitamin B2 20mcg, Vitamin B6 30mcg, Vitamin B12 2mcg, Vitamin E 20IU, Calcium 90mg, Zinc 5mg