Pupeedermcare Tabs


Pupeedermcare Tabs is Korean bath tablet specially created to removce dead skin cells and dead fur.
Many pets scratches due to unhealthy and oily skin, clogged pores from dirt, oilys and causing bad odor and seriously can cause fungus or bacterial infestion. 

Made and Formulated in Korea. Wellknown country for best skin care even for human use.
The tabs will remove odor and give treatment for fur to make our fur kids skin are much healthier.


1. After shampooing, place 10L warm water in the tub and dissolve 2 tabs of Pupeedermcare Tabs

2. Give carbonated spa for about 10mins and give them good massage

3. Rinse lightly / No rinse required, dry throughly using dryer to avoid damn and remove all moist from skin