Hollywoof Cinema


Lights. Camera. Action!

Be the next Hollywoof star. Or happy just binge-watching Pupflix.. Be sure to have the Hollywoof Cinema Plushies with you! Ssshh...the show is about to start..

* Poppin' Popcorn

Lights are down. What's a movie without Pop Corns? Savour the Poppin' Popcorn with 2 grunt-squeaky pop corns. Take them out of the crinkly pop corn package. Hide treats inside to make movie session more exciting. Exercise those noses!

* Hoppy Hound Brew

Wash down those pop corn snacks with the goto beverage, aromatic hoppy hound beer! Comes with crinkle and a crunchy bottle inside for added sound effects!

* 3-Dog Glasses

Immersive experience, they call it. Put on those 3-Dog Glasses and be transported to another realm. Comes with crinkly and a tube squeaker. Enjoy!

* Momo's Movie Reel

Channel your inner movie director. Cut!! Capture the best scene on Momo's Movie Reel. Enlarged squeaker on the center. Crinkle and squeaker in the film!

* Doggy Director Board

Inner director says Action! Ready or not, and don't forget your lines! The clapperboard comes with an enlarged squeaker and a hidden rope, equipped to create the best scenes and actions.


* Hand-crafted, double layer and double-stitched edges for extra durability

* Eco-friendly PlantFill (R) filler made from 100% post-consumer certified-safe recycled plastic bottles

* Contains AZO-free dye

* Machine washable and dryer friendly