Kin+Kind Hip & Joint


Play more, worry less. Our complete golden paste supports zoomies for youngsters and
healthy joints for senior pets. And we're vegan!
• Happy Hips: Turmeric, coconut, and black pepper form a complete golden paste
with nutritional support for a healthy inflammatory response and bone health,
joint strength, and flexibility.
• USDA Organic: Green is good. To protect our pets and our environment, our
certified USDA organic products are free from artificial ingredients, preservatives,
and chemical processing.
• Real Superfoods: Pets love our supplements because they're made with only real
superfoods and nothing else. No GMOs and no grains. They taste good and can
be easily sprinkled on top of any type of diet.
• Vet Formulated: Each and every ingredient is vet chosen and approved to ensure
your pets get all the nutrition they need naturally. Certified Leaping Bunny
• Made in the USA: Every kin+kind supplement is lovingly mixed, labeled, and
shipped by the hands of our employees paid a responsible, living wage in our
certified USDA organic facility.
Ingredients: Coconut*, Turmeric*, Black Pepper*