Mala Hot Pot Nosework Toy


Our favourite food to go on weekend is definitely MALA Hot Pot! Are you team Super Spicy, Spicy, Mild, or Not Spicy?

What is your favourite ingredients on your Mala Hot Pot? We love seaweed, potato, mushroom and broccoli! Mushroom is must have that's for sure!!

Get this cute little Mala Hot Pot home and share with your furiends! this one safe for pets, not so spicy but confirm tasty with the crazy crinkle box!


Hot Pot comes with crazy crinkle cover

Stuffed Mushroom comes with nose work pocket on the top and 1 squeaky on the body

Stuffed Broccoli comes with combination of texturize and soft cloth with 1 squeaky on the body

Stuffed Potato comes with squeaky in the body

Non Stuffing Beef Roll comes with 7 hiding pockets

Non Stuffing Seaweed comes with crazy crinkle

Non Stuffing Chili Sauce Sachet comes with 60cm soft long cloth


Hot Pot: 16*15cm

Mushroom: 7*9cm

Broccoli: 7*9cm

Potato: 9*11.5cm

Beef Roll: 24*9cm

Seaweed: 30*10cm

Sauce Sachet: 9.5*13.5cm (inner cloth approx 60cm)