Nuyolk Premium Fresh Eggs (10s)


Storage Guidelines

Due to special nutrient inside our fortified eggs, namely Astaxanthin, Organic Selenium, Vitamin E & D, and Omega 3 Fatty acids-DHA, please consider storing the eggs in the fridge upon receiving it. 

If there is insufficient space in the fridge, you may store at least half of your order in the fridge, and finish the other half stored in normal room temperature first. No matter inside or outside the fridge, the eggs are good before the expiry date. 

Special note on eggshells

Our eggshell appears oily because it is lightly coated with food-grade coconut oil to maintain the freshness of our premium eggs based on intensive research. To understand more, do read our FAQ on

Nuyolk eggshells are hard to peel when hard-boiled and slow-cooked due to their extreme freshness, you may follow the tips here for easier peeling of eggshells.

As these are natural products, the orangeness may vary in 1 to 5% of eggs,

Extra info on skin benefits
Ongoing trial has shown promising results on eczema and psoriasis patient. For more info, visit here.

Normal skin customers will get that glow and better skin complexion, less yellowish tones with regular consumption.