EYE VITA - Standard 30ML Vit A 10000 iu



BLUE BAY EYE VITA DROPS Specially designed for removing tear stains and improving retinal and macula health in dogs and cats. It effectively improves lacrimal gland function and keeps your pets free from tear-stained eyes. It is perfect for all breeds of dogs and cats.

Eye Vita Drops is made with ingredients of antioxidants, probiotics and multiple vitamins that protect pet eyes from fatigue, irritability, and impaired vision.  It strengthens the work of the visual apparatus in view of age-related change.  Vita Eye Drops helps to lubricate mucous membranes and keep a healthy lacrimal gland.  It effectively helps with unsightly tear stains from inside out and gives your pets the tear-stain-free bright coat naturally.

  • Specially designed for the health of retinal and macula in dogs and cats.  
  • Effectively improve lacrimal gland function and keep your pets free from tear-stained eyes.  
  • Containing antioxidants and probiotics helps to reduce the deterioration of eyesight.
  • Perfect for all breeds of dogs and cats.
  • Extremely palatable.


  • Dogs (< 3kg Bodyweight), cats, puppies, and kittens: 1/2 dropper (0.5ml)
  • Dogs over 3kg bodyweight: 1 dropper (1 ml)
  • Apply twice a day.  

Eye Vita Drops is water dispersible and can be given by dropping directly on the tongue or mixed with food or milk.

*If your pets already have eye stains problem, suggest cleaning the face and ear canals every day for the best result of eye stains removing.