The Doggie Balm - Manuka

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The DoggieBalm Co. 100% Natural Manuka Blend Balm
The No.1 Balm for Powerful Natural Healing and Dog Skin Care!

Formulated with the amazing healing properties of our high-grade raw Manuka Honey, the ingredients of this balm are known to assist the natural soothing and healing of all skin irritations and skin discomfort. With the natural Manuka honey's powerful anti-inflammatory properties, this balm is best for tackling:

  • Skin discomfort
  • Hot spots, flaky and itchy skin (chaffing, redness, odor)
  • Inflamed bug bites
  • Minor cuts, scrapes, and scratches
  • Paw and Nose treatment

Using only 100% Natural ingredients, it is completely safe & edible (OK for dogs to lick this stuff). The smell of Neem oil may be unpleasant for humans at the start, but it's definitely worth the magic!

Handcrafted in Australia