The Doggie Balm Natural Spritz

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Doggie Balm Co. Natural Spritz (50ml)
A Natural Doggie Odour Eliminator!

Doggie Balm Natural Spritz is a 100% natural cologne spray designed to freshen up your smelly dog. This spray is a brilliant solution for during in-between bath times.

Always keep your dog smelling super fresh with a few quick squirts over the coat with our Natural Spritz – Particularly, If you have people visiting your home and don’t want them to get a whiff of smelly dog or bedding.

We infuse key ingredients and essential oils including rose, lavender, jasmine, peppermint, to achieve a wonderful smelling, all-natural fragrance for your pooch.

Our Natural Spritz is safe for use on all dogs. Use it all day long or whenever you are out and about!

Handcrafted in Australia