The Doggie Balm - Original

S$32.00 S$22.40

The DoggieBalm Co. 100% Natural Original Blend Balm
for Paws, Nose, and Skin Care & Maintenance!

A premium & organic soft blend for healing skin irritations and rough paws. Using the healing properties of Shea Butter, Coconut, and Neem oil, this balm is best for:

  • Dry and/or cracked paws
  • Dry skin or skin irritations (redness, acne, itchy skin, and other reactions).
  • Crusty, cracked and/or bleeding noses (very low scent).
  • Yeast Infection, sores, pimples, inflammation 
  • Dermatitis, Eczema, and most skin infections.

Using only 100% Natural ingredients, it is completely safe & edible (OK for dogs to lick this stuff). The smell of Neem oil may be unpleasant for humans at the start, but it's definitely worth the magic!

Handcrafted in Australia