The Doggie Balm - Rosemary Coat Care

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The DoggieBalm Co. 100% Natural Rosemary Blend Balm
for Healthy, Glossy and Coat Care & Protection!

A must-have daily care product for any loved dog!

DoggieBalm Co. Rosemary Blend is a natural and organic balm designed to promote a healthy and glossy dog coat all year round. This 100% natural balm features Australian Rosemary which is known to have strong antimicrobial properties, and antioxidants, and is a natural cleaner, insect and flea repellent when used regularly. DoggieBalm is the ultimate natural and organic balm for your pooch's skin and hair care. This balm is best for:

  • Daily hair and coat care and protection (promotes a healthy and glossy dog coat all year round)
  • Natural Anti-inflammatory
  • Natural skin & coat cleansing
  • Natural insect and flea repellent
  • Soothing for skin irritations
  • Maintains the softness, suppleness, and radiance of hair.

Using only 100% Natural ingredients, it is completely safe & edible (OK for dogs to lick this stuff). The smell of Neem oil may be unpleasant for humans at the start, but it's definitely worth the magic!

Handcrafted in Australia