• Promotes and enhanaces wound healing
  • Soothing and non-stinging
  • Contains aloe vera hydrogel with anti-microbial properties to help wounds heal better, often with minimal scabbing and scarring
  • May also be used on injured or infected gums and as a tooth brushing gel
  • Made using Dom&Cleo Organics True Colloidal Silver that is non-toxic, safe and effective against more than 650 disease-causing organisms (e.g. virus, bacteria, fungus)
  • Great for digestive health and overall immunity
  • Contains Whey protein concentrate and double prebiotics
  • Helps promote muscle development, healthy gut and the assimilation of nutrients
  • Great for cellular repair
  • Free from fillers and unnecessary flow agents
  • Suitable for puppies and kittens, and pets of all of life stageā €
Dom & Cleo

Omega 3 essential fatty acids from wild fish oils are better utilized by the body than plant oil sources. This makes fish oils an excellent source of Omega 3 for omnivores and carnivores.Present day diets are often severely lacking in Omega 3 due to modern farming practices.

Dom & Cleo Organics Wild Fish Oil is made from fishes caught off the coast of Norway. Naturally preserved with Vitamin E, it can be used as a dietary supplement for healthy skin and coat, aid in regulating immune response, cardiovascular health and inflammation. 

Made from wild short-lived fishes and micro filtered using a unique process. This quality product is tested to be free from heavy metals and other ocean pollutants.

Suitable for both cats and dogs, each bottle contains 60 gel capsules. Give it as a treat or add it directly into your furkid's meal.

Dom & Cleo

Dom & Cleo Organics Cod Liver Oil is the perfect supplement for carnivores, likecats, that have a greatly reduced ability converting Beta Carotene into Vitamin A.

Carnivores being meat eaters will do better on animal sources of Vitamin A which is concentrated in the liver as retinyl palmitate.

Cod Liver Oil is known to be effective in the maintenance and support of healthy skin, healthy immune system (resistance from viral and bacterial infections), eyesight and strengthening the lining of the digestive tract.

Vitamin D (the sunshine vitamin) is essential for proper calcium utilization and bone formation in the body. Most apartment pets do not get enough exposure to sunlight. Cod Liver Oil is an excellent source of Vitamin D3 and can help bring back the pigmentation lost around the eyes and the nose from lack of sun exposure.

Dom & Cleo Organics Cod Liver Oil is tested to be free of heavy metals and pollutants and is definitely safe for our furkid consumption. Give it as a treat or add it directly into your furkids meal.

Suitable for both cats and dogs, each bottle comes with 60 gel capsules.

Dom & Cleo

Dom & Cleo Organics Fibre blend is an extremely convenient way for you to add fibre to your cat/dog’s raw diet. If your cat/dog has never been on raw, the fibre blend may help with an easier and smoother transition to raw.

With just 4 certified organic ingredients, this is great for cats/dogs who are allergic to certain fruits and veges. You can also be sure you are giving GMO free food to your dogs. 

Formulated with selected organic ingredients to minimise allergic reactions while maintaining proper PH balance for cats and dogs. Dom & Cleo Organic Fiber Blend promotes proper peristalsis in the digestive tract for bowelregularity and form.

Available in 12oz


Organic flaxseed, Organic apple, Organic psyllium husk, Organic pumpkin

Feeding Guideline

Add 1/4tsp to 50g of food, mix and feed. Amount may be increased or decreased as desired to help firm up stools as needed or when transitioning diets.

Store in cool, dry place and refrigerate after opening. 

Always make sure hands are completely dry before coming into contact with product and measuring scoop. Best used within 3 months of opening.

Dom & Cleo

Organic Nutrients, Dom & Cleo Organics EON Joint Juvenate contains plant cell vitamins, organic minerals trace elements and amino acids often lacking or missing in modern day foods.

EON Joint Juvenate also contains Type II Collagen with natural Glucosamine and Chondroitin. This provides your pet with the raw materials required for the body to repair and build new collagen for joints, bones, skin and coat.

The prehistoric marine mineral deposit (Corals etc) in EON is uncontaminated by modern day pollution, easily assimilated and utilized by the body and does not accumulate to form stones like excessive use of bones and shells do. Unlike other multivitamins that contain synthetic minerals, EON is made from all natural ingredients. Anything that is not absorbed by your pet will be passed out, thus you need not worry about overdosing him with supplements.

EON is an important addition to balancing home prepared cooked or raw diets and as a quality supplement for commercial processed and raw diets for both cats and dogs.

Available in 3oz and 9oz.

Dom & Cleo

Dom & Cleo Organics Better Gest aids in lowering the pH of stomach acidity forproper food breakdown, digestion and food assimilation.

It is beneficial for young pups and kittens with underdeveloped digestivesystems, senior dogs and cats with weakened digestive systems, whentransitioning diet and during times of digestive weakness. Signs of digestive weakness may include vomiting undigested food, lack of appetite, unusually voluminous stools, stool eating and general unease after meals.

Each bottle contains 60 individual capsules. Simply empty one capsule into yourpet’s current food, mix and feed. Works best with Panzyme


Dom & Cleo Organics True Colloidal Silver is made from the purest 99.99% Silver suspended in pure distilled water. Our Silver colloids are concentrated in the ideal 10-20nm particle size for maximum efficacy. True Silver Colloids are stable in vitro and in vivo unlike clear ionic Silver which readily combines with Chloride ions (salt) to form Silver Chloride.


Dom & Cleo Organics True Colloidal Silver is safe, non-toxic and is one of the oldest antimicrobials known to man. Silver Colloids is known to be effective against more than 650 disease-causing organisms (virus, bacteria, fungus).


Dom & Cleo Organics True Colloidal Silver may be ingested or applied to any area of the body for disinfection and to aid healing. A must have in every pet household, Dom and Cleo's Colloidal Silver works as an external antimicrobial or disinfectant for wounds, sores, bites, burns, eye and ear infections, ringworm, skin rash and gum & breath spray. To inhale, use full strength in a nebulizer or add to water in atomizing humidifiers. May be used in fresh water aquariums or applied directly to marine fishes.




Eye drops: Apply 3-5 drops into the eye, gently move eyelid to simulate blinking, apply 2-3 drops into fur at corner of eye 3 to 5 times daily until infection has cleared.


Internal use: As a guide, 1 dropperful per 2kg on an empty stomach. May be increased as required.


External use: 3-5 times daily on wounds, sores and infections.


Store in a dark area away from electromagnetic fields. Do not refrigerate or freeze.