NEW 2022 updated external air mesh for improved abrasion resistance and water absorption, and new construction that retains more water in high-exposure zones on the vest for a longer charge.

When shade is low and the mercury is high, dogs can count on the Swamp Cooler™ Vest to help get them outside. Strategic material choices and design offer solutions for the challenges that warm-weather exploring presents. The light-colored fabric reflects solar radiation and provides shading while wetting the vest activates our Swamp Cooler™ Tech for that refreshing, just-stepped-out-of-a-lake feeling also known as evaporative cooling. Just give it a soak, put it on your dog, and go. When it dries, re-soak it to recharge it.

The Swamp Cooler Vest includes side-release buckles for easy on/off and a leash portal so it can be worn over a harness – topping of the essential features to make it our highest-coverage cooling option in the Swamp Cooler™ Collection.

  • JUST SOAK IN WATER for cooling through evaporation
  • SWAMP COOLER TECH™ lightweight easy on/off 3-layer construction absorbs water and promotes evaporative cooling:
    - Wicking outer layer reflects heat and facilitates evaporation
    - Absorbent middle layer stores water for evaporation
    - Mesh lining keeps dog dry and comfortable
  • UPF 50+ COVERAGE vest style for maximum shade 
  • RELAXED FIT with side-release buckles for easy on/off
  • LEASH PORTAL on back is compatible with most harnesses
  • REFLECTIVE accents for low-light visibility and light loop for The Beacon™


  • Outer layer: Polyester air mesh
  • Middle layer: Polyester non-woven felt
  • Lining: Dry-weave polyester mesh
  • Buckles: ITW Nexus Waveloc side-release buckles
  • Reflective trim
  • Made in Vietnam


        • Secure fasteners
        • Secure fasteners
        • Wash in cold water
        • Gentle cycle
        • Use mild detergent
        • Air dry
        • Always check vest for damage before use

        please note item is on pre-order and we will contact you straight after order is placed.


        The Beacon™ is a high-performance safety dog light to help keep dogs visible in low-light conditions or inclement weather. The Beacon is durable and waterproof, with an easy-to-use Quick Clip™ that attaches to Ruffwear apparel, harnesses, collars, and other gear. The Beacon is rechargeable, with indicator lights to let you know when it’s charging or the battery is low. Easily cycle through three LED color options and three light modes for maximum visibility on your adventure. The Beacon is visible from all directions with a bright, full-body glow design.

        • WATERPROOF IPX7 RATED to a depth of 1 metre of water for 30 minutes
        • RECHARGEABLE 280mAh LiPo battery charged in approximately 1.5 hours with the included 15cm standard micro USB cable
        • 3 COLOURS & MODES highly visible red, blue and green colours in Slow Flash, Fast Flash and Always On modes and an operating time up to 20 hours
        • TRANSLUCENT SHELL exudes light from all angles
        • QUICK CLIP™ easy-to-use and compatible with all Ruffwear collars and apparel light loops
        • Made in China

        Introducing Lite. Our basics collection that’s anything but. With fun colour combos that match any coat, this is one minimalist range that’s here to steal hearts in a big way. Featuring the same reliable comfort you already love and trust, you’ll find yourself reaching for these go-to staples over and over again. Until you reach for another shade, of course.

        Time for supersized fun. The Gentle Pup Maxi Harness features a Y-shape design that simulates a leash-free experience for big boys and girls. Its innovative construct disperses pressure over your pup’s body, which reduces strain on neck and back while enabling unrestricted movement and play.

        With 4 adjustable points, the same secure buckle as our tried-and-tested collars and Easy Harness, plus a front and back ring for leash-training and easy attachment—you can now enjoy both worry-free strolls and the occasional dog run bolt.

        A safer way for your pup to live his best life.

        Did you know? Constant leash-pulling can increase the chances for neck/trachea injuries, particularly for brachycephalic breeds. Avoid issues like constricted vessels and increased blood pressure in your dog’s neck, which can lead to heightened intraocular pressure (IOP). Select the right harness and eliminate both daily discomfort and irreversible damage.