Adored Beast Anti-Vaccinosis


Ideal for pets who have recently vaccinated (can be administered up to weeks, months or years post vaccine). Pet vaccinations can create chronic health issues including allergies, digestive upsets, behaviour issues, joint pain and most other inflammatory,auto-immune problems. Also suitable for animals who have been diagnosed with any auto immune disease. There is a correlation with the increase in benign and cancerous tumours amongst animals located at the vaccine site.

What does it do?

Helps to remove the vaccine side effects without removing the vaccine benefits.

How to feed it?

Convenient pump spray give four pumps twice a day for 2-10 days following a vaccine. Give this spray 20 minutes before meals. Ideally should be administer immediately after vaccine, however can also be given to animals who have never been vaccinated or vaccinated months or years previously.



Origin: Northern White Cedar/Arbor Vitae/Tree of Life

  • Primary vaccinosis remedy
  • Used for canine papillomas

Silicea (Silica)

Origin: Pure flint, silicon dioxide -a natural chemical compound found in the earth

  • Helps to remove toxic reaction from vaccinated animals
  • Used to push foreign objects to the surface
  • Helps with boils/abscesses
  • Useful for blocked tear ducts and salivary glands