Adored Beast Jump For JOYnts


Jump For JOYnts can support common joint issues including ACL injuries, arthritis, degenerative, bone and muscle injuries.Jump For JOYnts offers 4-Way mobility support for healthy joints, ligaments, tendons and muscles.

What does it do?

  • Homeopathic Arnica commonly used for pain and inflammation, post-surgical procedures, trauma and can address old injuries
  • Homeopathic Ruta Grav is commonly used for sprains, injuries, strain, bruises bones, pulled ligaments, soreness in bones, tendons, joints and cartilage
  • Homeopathic Calendula commonly used as a healing agent and first aid for injuries
  • Homeopathic Officinale(comfrey) commonly used for injury to bones, cartilage, tendons and periosteumThis product supports:
  • ACL injuries
  • Arthritis
  • Degenerative diseases
  • Bone and muscle injury
  • Healthy joints
  • Healthy tendons
  • Healthy muscles


A proprietary blend of homeopathic Arnica, Ruta, Symphytum and Calendula.

60 ml liquid