Adored Beast Yeasty Beast Protocol


Yeast infections, itchy skin, red feet/licking paws constantly, ear infections, yeast build up in wrinkles and skin folds

What does it do?

3 Step Kit The kit helps combat yeast and supports the immune system, while avoiding an intense Herxheimer reaction (toxic yeast die-off) which can look like the yeast Is getting worse. This often leads to more drugs (ex. antibiotics, steroids and antifungals) there by continuing the merry go round of chronic skin problems and gut trauma.

How to feed it?

PRE-STEP Remove starches from the diet for 2 weeks by feeding a raw/starch free diet.

STEP 1 Give the liver tonic on its own for the first 3 days to prepare the liver and organs so they can manage the dead yeast.

STEP 2 Give the Yeasty Beast 1 to support the skin and immune system during the detox.

STEP 3 Give the Yeasty Beast II powder ideally two hours before or after meals so the enzymes can attack the yeast. Mix with goat milk, bone broth, small amount kefir or small amount of meat. Once the yeast die-off is complete, consider moving your dog to the leaky gut protocol to solve the root cause. It is also a good idea to start your dog on a quality probiotic such as Love Bugs or Fido’s Flora once you have completed the Yeasty Beast Protocol