Kangaroo Pluck is lung, heart, liver joined with trachea as one piece. Unlike standard red meats like beef and lamb, kangaroo meat is considered a lean read meat that is low in saturated fat and high in protein. It's also high in iron and zinc, packing a nutritional punch.


*Limit to 20% of muscle meat.

  • Good ingredient option for highly active pets because of the amounts of raw fat it contains

Country of Origin: Australia.

Category: Muscle Meat.


Lamb is a delicious and nutritious protein for dogs that is packed with essential amino acids and dietary fats which are vital nutrients for your dog to sustain their energy. Thanks to the rich nutrient profile of lamb, like omega fatty acids, iron, zinc, B vitamins and antioxidants, lamb is extremely beneficial for your pup's coat and skin health. Great for picky eaters, energetic dogs and dogs with allergies, dogs love the taste of lamb and it is a high-quality and irresistible protein to spice up your pup's nutritional rotation.


Ingredients may include:

Muscle Meat: Lamb Leg / Mutton Leg / Sheep Heart

Bones: Lamb Ribs

Organs: Lamb Liver / Lamb Kidney / Lamb Brain / Lamb Spleen


Lamb PMR is packaged in 500g portions.


Ingredients will include either : Lamb leg, Mutton Leg,  Lamb Ribs,  Lamb Liver,  Lamb Kidney, Lamb Brain, Broccoli / Bok Choy / Kale, Blueberries / Strawberry / Apple, Sunflower / Pumpkin Seed

Packaged in 500g portions.

S$112.50 S$125.00

Country of Origin: Australia

Category: Muscle Meat

S$220.50 S$245.00
S$220.50 S$245.00
S$59.90 S$82.50

Breed Size: All Breeds
Life Stages: All Stages
Protein/Flavour: Rabbit, Goat
Special Diet: Grain Free, Raw
Made In: United States

OC Raw Dog uses only premium ingredients—all natural, whole muscle and organ meat, and farm fresh produce—with absolutely zero indirect or direct preservatives, chemicals, fillers or grains. The result is healthier, happier dogs. Health concerns such as red eyes, dry skin, loose stools, excessive shedding, and low energy are dramatically mitigated when your dog is eating what nature intended! A raw food diet results in lower vet bills and fewer vet visits making happier pet parents.

  • 90% Meat, Bone, and Organ
  • 10% Fruits, Vegetables and Supplements

Country of Origin: Australia.

Category: Muscle Meat.

Raw heart is a muscular organ and is fed as a lean muscle meat in raw diets. Recommended amount to feed at 10%-15% of muscle meat portion. Raw heart provides protein, but contains high levels of B vitamins and minerals.

Each pack weighs around 220g-280g

Sold as 1 whole heart.

  • A source of DHA and proves as a beneficial animal-based ingredient for pets who cannot consume fish or shellfish for fatty acids
  • Rich in Protein
  • Selenium
  • Copper
  • Vitamin B3, B5 and B12.
    • Vitamin B3 helps to boost brain function, aids the digestive system, skin & nervous system.

Country of Origin: Australia

Category: Secreting Organs

Weight: estimated 80g