Enhance your pet's diet with a custom-curated recipe from PAWFF's in-house nutritionist. Choose from PMR (Prey Model Raw), BARF (Biologically Appropriate Raw Food), or NRC (Nutritional Requirement for Cats & Dogs) standards to suit your pet's specific nutritional needs.

  • Tailored Nutrition: Our expert nutritionist will create a bespoke recipe designed specifically for your pet.
  • Dietary Options: Select from PMR, BARF, or NRC to align with your pet's dietary preferences and requirements.
  • Convenient Communication: We'll reach out to you via WhatsApp once we've received your request.

Estimated Waiting Time: 2 weeks

Start your pet's journey to optimal health with a personalized recipe from PAWFF today!


Customized meal preparation service according to your needs/requirements.

Prices quoted are based on per day.

Please select sufficient ingredients for the recipe that you would like us to prepare.

meal pre example

We will try to pack as exact as possible to your recipe but kindly allow 1-5g difference in weight. 

In our effort to reduce the use of plastic, all meal preparation service will only include 2 bags per day.

Any extra bags used will be charged. However, if you would like us to use your containers, do contact us to arrange for a date to drop off your containers. 

Note: If you would like us to pack certain ingredients seperately, kindly add on the repacking service by clicking here.

**Quantity refers to number of days.


You may use this service to help repack the ingredients into the quantity that you need. 

Please note that the repacking service is applicable for single ingredients only.

If you would like to drop off your containers, we would gladly help to pack into your containers.